Training and teamwork key to employment transition

21 April 2018

Training and teamwork key to employment transition

For Matthew Brand, the move from being a stay-at-home dad to working with a leading IT services provider has been a smooth transition thanks to training and teamwork.

We helped Matthew secure a position with Datacom as a customer service representative four months ago.

“I started at Datacom after Workskil Australia set up a pre-employment training course for the job, and they thought I’d be a good fit for it, so they offered it to me and I got the job,” he said.

“I think it has worked out pretty well. I was a stay-at-home dad for five years before this so the fact that Datacom gave me a chance despite not working for so long is great."

“Working here is great and my team is awesome because we are always helping each other out when there’s a difficult call. The fact that Datacom hires and promotes from within and also has an entire program set up to train people into new roles is amazing too. It means that if I want to grow within the company, there are already things in place to help put me in the best department for my skills, and train me up for whatever I need.”

Our Chief Executive, Nicole Dwyer, said: “We partner with a whole range of employers to source staff and at the same time kickstart careers for local job seekers." 

“It’s fantastic to see proactive employers prepared to give local job seekers a go."

“The feedback we receive from employers and the job seekers is overwhelmingly positive. It’s a win-win for both.”

We work closely with employers by providing free, no-obligation recruitment services that include:

  • Shortlisting candidates, organising interviews and reference checking
  • Paid internships for new employees
  • Tailored pre-employment training programs
  • Support to the employer and employee for six months

“We’re always keen to engage with more employers to provide a no-cost, effective recruitment solution,” Ms Dwyer said.

“Our team takes the time to understand the unique recruitment needs of employers."

“We can then provide a tailored staffing solution drawing from the large number of skilled and unskilled work-ready job seekers who are registered with us.”

Datacom is an IT services provider delivering support to leading South Australian, national and international organisations. We worked with Datacom, in partnership with TAFE SA,  to design and tailor a training programme that benefits people who may require support in developing the core skills they need to be successful in Datacom’s entry-level roles.

Datacom’s expansion in Adelaide in recent months has opened up a number of new job opportunities across customer service, leadership and specialist roles. Together with Workskil Australia, Datacom is helping the community gain access to valuable TAFE pre-employment training while creating a path into entry-level positions within Datacom.

As Datacom continues to grow, so will the opportunities.

“Our pre-employment training programmes can be a fantastic entry point for real career opportunities with Datacom,” said Stacey Tomasoni, Director, Datacom Connect. “We’re excited to be working with Workskil Australia and investing in our local community through training and opportunity creation.”

With a network of 69 sites across SA, Victoria, NSW and WA, we are one of the country’s largest jobactive providers. In 2017, we helped 20,250 clients into employment nationally.

Last month we officially opened the doors to a network of 14 new offices in Western Australia – recruiting 105 staff of our own in Perth and Geraldton and a further 45 support staff in SA after being awarded a series of jobactive contracts in WA.