Recognising the value of employees with disability

03 December 2018

Recognising the value of employees with disability

People with disability are still grossly under-represented in the Australian workforce. The Australian Network of Disability defines a disability as any condition that restricts a person's mental, sensory or mobility functions and can include mental health conditions. It can be caused by an accident, trauma or genetics and may be temporary or permanent, total or partial, lifelong or acquired, visible or invisible.

“The unemployment rate among people with disability is almost double that of those without disability,” Workskil Australia Chief Executive Nicole Dwyer said. "That’s unacceptable. However through the actions of progressive employers, supportive industry and determined job seekers, this imbalance is being addressed.”

Over the past financial year Workskil Australia has helped more than 11,000 workers with disability into employment. “Workskil Australia is passionate about assisting our job seeking customers with disability to find fulfilling employment,” Ms Dwyer said. “People with disability are some of the most dedicated, skilled and hardworking employees in the workforce. They are a valuable asset to any organisation.

“Progressive employers understand the wide ranging benefits a diverse workplace brings to their organisation as well as the individual employee. As well as giving the job seeker a go, diversity brings new skills and experience to an organisation and fosters a stronger, empathetic and values-based team culture. This has been shown to flow through to improved staff morale and retention, customer satisfaction and loyalty. People with disability have been found to have fewer injuries and accidents at work than their colleagues and therefore take less time off. Demonstrating diversity is also an increasingly important consideration for organisations right across industry in tender and contract submissions. We urge all employers to consider opening a career door to change someone’s life.”

As one of the largest employment, community and youth services providers nationally, Workskil Australia is also a certified provider of the Australian Government’s Disability Employment Services for people with a mental health condition, injury or disability that require employment assistance.

Workskil Australia provides a free service to help employers through the process of identifying and hiring someone with disability. To find out more click here.