With Women We Fly as One

08 March 2019

With Women We Fly as One

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, our Chief Executive Officer, Nicole Dwyer, was joined by Adelaide Football Club Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Fagan, to share their thoughts on the AFL Women’s League.

In 2017, eight teams of elite female athletes forged a new chapter in Australian sporting history.

In the first season teams played to packed stadiums across the country, smashing female stereotypes in the process.

The formation of the AFL Women’s League was a watershed moment – for Australian sport, for the clubs, players and fans, and for the organisations that support it.

From a Workskil Australia perspective, the decision to sponsor the inaugural Adelaide Crows AFL Women’s team – and subsequently renew for another three years – has been an opportunity to build on our shared values and attributes.

It’s a significant commitment for Workskil Australia, but has enormous benefits.

As a not-for-profit and charitable employment services provider, Workskil Australia supports women across our community, many of whom are disadvantaged and must overcome major barriers to employment.

Our female customers come from a range of cultural, generational and socio-economic backgrounds and include single parents, former prisoners and refugees.

They include:

·        Kat, who overcame depression and financial barriers to secure a job. With assistance from Workskil Australia, she built her confidence and completed study and training to secure a full time position working with autistic children.

·        Jema, who arrived in Australia from Lebanon with her one-year-old son, limited English and her husband unable to join her. We are supporting Jema as she works to improve her English, secure a driver’s licence and start studying. She hopes to one day open her own hairdressing salon.

·        Rhonda, an Indigenous job seeker with limited education and medical conditions that made it difficult to find a sustainable job. Workskil Australia supported Rhonda to secure a job in primary health care for people with mental health conditions. The role has brought Rhonda financial freedom and built her self-esteem.

·        Carol, 64 years old, who was unemployed for nine months before Workskil Australia helped her turn her working life around. With no formal training or qualifications, Carol experienced difficulty finding a new job when she left her former employment. We assisted Carol to write a new resume and secure employment in childcare.

These are just a few of the many thousands of women supported by Workskil Australia each year.

These women demonstrate grit, focus and determination in their efforts to secure employment – qualities that the Crows AFLW players share.

The players are fantastic role models for our customers in the power of goal setting and never giving up.

For the Adelaide Crows, the formation of the AFLW was a unique and historic moment for the sport.

Workskil Australia’s commitment, from day one, has played a key role in supporting the Adelaide Crows to grow women’s participation in the game.

Crows Chief Executive Officer Andrew Fagan said Workskil Australia's support as a major corporate partner has played a crucial role in the Club's AFLW success.

“Workskil Australia shares our passion for women’s football and together we are working to provide more opportunities and pathways so girls and young women across South Australia and Northern Territory can fulfill their potential as athletes, coaches or administrators,” Fagan said. 

“We are extremely proud that our partnership has also driven greater awareness of the important services Workskil Australia provides to the community and we look forward to continuing this work into the future.”

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Workskil Australia and the Adelaide Crows pay homage to these inspirational job seekers and female athletes who share much in common, as together we fly as one.

By Nicole Dwyer