How one day of work experience can change your organisation for the better

04 November 2019

How one day of work experience can change your organisation for the better

AccessAbility Day is an Australian Government initiative connecting jobseekers with disability and employers for a one day opportunity to:

  • learn more about working with jobseekers with disability
  • promote and encourage an inclusive workplace
  • access a talent pool of capable people who are keen to work
  • learn more about free Disability Employment Services and support available for employers.

How can my organisation get involved?

Employers can host a jobseeker with disability (a participant) for a one-off visit during the week of November 25 to 29.

An employer can host as many participants across as many job types as they are able to provide within their organisation. However, each participant can only be placed in each workplace for one day.

AccessAbility Day is not a job interview, work trial or work experience. It is a job shadowing opportunity for the participant to try a day in a workplace and see what the workplace has to offer. It is also an opportunity for the employer to learn more about working with jobseekers with disability.

There is no obligation to employ the participant after the placement. This is a wonderful opportunity to allow the jobseeker to gain insight into a particular job or type of work.


The Department of Social Services purchases personal accident insurance and combined public and product liability insurance to cover participants undertaking Activities, including AccessAbility Day placements (for example travel to and from the location). Workskil Australia is able to provide you with further information on the insurance policies and what to do in the case of any accidental damage or injury.

What is Workskil Australia’s role?

Workskil Australia will work with you to match your workplace to a potential jobseeker. All jobseekers participating in AccessAbility Day are required to be current and active DES participants, looking for work, as this ensures they are covered by government provided insurance at no cost to you.

Workskil Australia currently delivers Disability Employment Services in South Australia and New South Wales from these locations:

  • South Australia - Southern Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula and the Murraylands.
  • New South Wales - Upper Hunter

What will happen on AccessAbility Day?

Everyone’s AccessAbility Day experience will be different. It will depend on your workplace and the specific skills and interests of the participant.

Some of the activities may include:

  • a meet and greet, where the participant is introduced to staff members
  • a tour of the workplace to familiarise the participant with the location, environment and facilities (i.e. bathroom, kitchen, etc.)
  • a rundown of Work Health and Safety requirements and security and evacuation procedures
  • a demonstration of the industry specific skills of your employees
  • a discussion about why you became involved in AccessAbility Day
  • providing an opportunity for the participant to observe an employee in the workplace and encourage them to ask questions

It is important that the participant has access to breaks during the day similar to those taken by other employees in the workplace, or as they need and agree with you.

Participants should be made to feel welcome in your workplace. If the participant has disclosed mental health issues, your organisation should be aware of ways to accommodate individual needs. People with a diagnosed mental illness are likely to be aware of the stressors that can trigger symptoms of their illness.

Workskil Australia will be able to advise you on how to make simple accommodations for participants.

How do employers register for AccessAbility Day?

Registration is straight forward and hassle-free. Let Workskil Australia know that you’re interested before Monday 18 November and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call Workskil Australia on 1300 967 575 or email

Click here to register your organisation’s interest

Source: ‘AccessAbility Day: A How to guide for employers’ Department of Social Services, November, 2018.