Harmony’s Story

Harmony’s Story

Harmony came to us for help finding a job. The Get Working program was suggested as a way to help with her work direction as well as skills relating to job applications and job retention. 

Soon after completing the Get Working program, Harmony increased her job searching intensity and her motivation significantly improved.  She was able to secure numerous interviews from which a job interview for a Traineeship Keeper position at Taronga Zoo Sydney stood out. After a lengthy selection process, she was successful and offered the role.

Taronga Zoo Sydney have been very impressed with Harmony’s enthusiasm and motivation.  Being Indigenous, Harmony was assigned an Indigenous mentor as part of our service. Harmony's mentor has continued to stay in contact with her to provide post-placement support and we are very pleased to hear great feedback from both Harmony and her employer.

As part of her role, Harmony has also been enrolled into the Certificate III Captive Animals at the Taronga Training Institute. Since her enrolment, Harmony has been diligently attending class, completing all assessments and securing the necessary qualification to pursue a career in zoo-keeping.

Congratulations to both Harmony and Taronga Zoo Sydney!