Luke’s Story

Luke’s Story

Entering the workforce for the very first time can be a daunting experience for many young people.  Wondering what to do, where to start, and navigating the job market is a challenge. Convincing an employer to hire a young person with no, or limited work experience can be near impossible in many cases. 

Luke came to Workskil Fitzroy after completing a certificate in gaming.  He had his heart set on working in the industry that he had trained for but at the same time was also open to looking for any opportunity to gain employment.  Luke had never had a job. He was finding it difficult to find work.

Along came Youth Jobs PaTH; the Federal Government’s program for young people aged between 15 and 24, that provides young people with Employability Skills Training (EST) and the opportunity to gain much needed work experience that leads to employment.

Because Luke needed to learn about the world of work, he was referred to EST and attended daily for 3 weeks.  Luke thoroughly enjoyed the training and was happy to talk about it with other young people who were considering undertaking Youth Jobs PaTH.

Luke was keen to gain employment, so armed with PaTH internship information and self-canvassing cards, Luke set forth to source employers to obtain an internship.  Much to even his own surprise he was successful in finding an opportunity with Playcorp Studios, whose mission is to “make the world's most exciting, delightful, and beloved games and brands by empowering the world's top gaming creators to build their dream projects”.   The team at Workskil Fitzroy along with our Regional Accounts team, facilitated the placement.

Luke completed his PaTH internship with Playcorp Studios, where he was able to show off his creativity and apply his training to a real life situation.  Luke did a great job and his colleagues had some fantastic things to say about him, like:

"Luke was a pleasure to work with. He seemed interested in the game and the company. He paid attention in conversations and communicated well."

"He pitched his design to a large range of our team and did an excellent job, he clearly explained the system and answered questions he hadn't necessarily thought about."

"Luke went beyond our expectations with the designs he created."

"Luke was able to deliver what we asked of him in a prompt and efficient manner, adding his own thoughts, ideas and contributing to the design process."

Luke was given the opportunity to pitch to the team for his chance to gain full time work with the company.  He was successful and commenced full time work with Playcorp Studios in February.  Luke had this to say about his experience: "I have had a very positive experience with PaTH, and would like to encourage others to use this program to give themselves the chance they've always wanted".

Congratulations Luke, the team at Workskil are very proud of you!