Nicole's Story

Nicole's Story

Nicole signed up with us at our Picton, New South Wales, office as a young and ambitious client who was determined to get into an administration role. However, due to limited work experience, this was proving difficult as she struggled to break into her desired field.

Nicole had only worked in the retail industry as a casual at a local supermarket. While working minimal hours, she attended job search activities at our Picton office in order to gain more suitable full time employment. A PaTH Internship opportunity was offered to Nicole so she could gain skills in administration and she jumped at the chance to demonstrate her passion and drive to an employer. We approached Southern Star Windows, with whom we had worked closely in the past through referring great candidates to meet their employment needs. Southern Star Windows believed this would be a great opportunity for them after they interviewed Nicole. They agreed to give her the chance to gain skills and experience with the potential of employment with them at the conclusion of the internship.

Nicole commenced her PaTH Internship in June 2017 and we remained in contact with both Southern Star Windows and Nicole to offer support during the following weeks.

After the first three weeks, Southern Star Windows said that they were very happy with Nicole as she was progressing well and had been very helpful during her time. Southern Star Windows advised that she had picked up the necessary skills and knowledge of their system more quickly than they anticipated. Nicole was enjoying the internship and was learning valuable administrative skills. She felt that the employer was encouraging her and gradually extending her tasks as she progressed.

In July 2017, Southern Star Windows contacted us to advise that they had just held a meeting with Nicole and offered her a full-time position starting early August. Nicole was extremely happy to accept the position and we were delighted!

Southern Star Windows were very grateful to have had the opportunity to host the internship and help us support the youth of the community in gaining valuable work skills. They have also gained a valuable team member.

Nicole said was grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in an internship that has led to her gaining full time employment. She was also very appreciative of the assistance provided by Workskil Australia staff and the support she received  throughout the PaTH Internship .

Nicole is still enjoying working for Southern Star Windows and is progressing well as she continues to gain more responsibility within her job role.