Stacy's Story

Stacy's Story

Stacy had never worked full time before Workskil Youth helped her to win an administration traineeship through Century 21 North Plympton.

“At first I was really nervous,” recalled Stacy as she sat at her desk in the reception area. “But everyone has been friendly and welcoming. The early mornings took a bit of getting used to but now that I’m settling in, I feel heaps more confident.”

Stacy enrolled in Workskil Youth’s FLO (Flexible Learning Options) program in 2015 after becoming disengaged from traditional schooling. Throughout the year Stacy worked hard and demonstrated a fantastic capacity to learn. When Century 21 asked Workskil Employment to help them find a trainee, Stacy’s case manager recommended her immediately.

“I really believe in employing young people,” commented Century 21 Director Michael Coxon. “The real estate industry is filled with old people. Young people are our future.” A credit to his industry, Mr. Coxon has employed several trainees over the years, some of whom completed their traineeships and remain employed at Century 21 in more senior roles. “Stacy is learning a lot and doing well,” agreed Felicia Carli, Property Manager at Century 21, and Stacy’s direct supervisor. “She is a great example for other young people, showing that it’s possible to get a foot in the door. Getting work experience early on in your career definitely helps in the future.”

Stacy feels as though her time with the FLO program has helped her immensely. “Having a case manager to talk things over with, whether it was personal or vocational, was really good. And of course, if I hadn’t been in FLO, I wouldn’t have known about this job!”

As for her future career aspirations, like many young people, Stacy hasn’t yet decided what direction to take long term, though her new role has “definitely sparked my interest in the real estate industry.” For now, Stacy is focused on building her skills and completing her Certificate III in Business Administration.

Stacy feels as though she’s found more than just a job. “I don’t feel like I’m just another worker, everyone is so supportive and I feel like I’m part of a family here.”