Past Community Projects

As a community based not for profit organisation, Workskil's profits are reinvested back into the community to develop innovative projects to assist disadvantaged members of the community. Past community projects include:

Green Bean Cafe

The Green Bean Cafe was developed to assist disadvantaged members of the community develop employability skills within a 'live' work experience venue. Green Bean Cafe operated as a commercial trading cafe, open to the public, whilst housing a professional training facility offering an innovative 'hands on' training experience, where real skills were developed outside of a classroom setting.

Live In Connection

Live In Connection was a Workskil funded program aimed at supporting senior citizens with mobility issues link with the community by providing them with an internet connected computer to help them stay in touch with family and friends. Using an internet connected computer allowed senior citizens to contact family and friends via electronic mail and pursue interests and activities that would otherwise have been inaccessible.

Live In Connection's aim was to increase social participation, increase support network connections for the elderly and opportunites to pursue mentally stimulating activities.

Overseas Pharmaceutical Aid for Life (OPAL)

Workskil worked in partnership with OPAL to receive, sort and distribute pharmaceuticals to hospitals and other medical facilities overseas. This partnership worked in conjunction with all levels of government, pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers to assist countries in need with the provision of life saving medicines and medical equipment.