Let us help you get ready for the future while you raise your young children

ParentsNext is a free Government program that helps parents of young children prepare for the future.

Our team will help you get ready to start working when your children go to school.

If you live in the Hume area of Victoria, we can support you to:

  • identify your education and employment goals
  • increase your qualifications, if needed
  • work on a step by step plan to reach your goals, including addressing any barriers you may face in finding work
  • develop practical skills to help you get a job
  • access childcare services and assistance, and
  • link you with services and activities beneficial to you, in your local area.

We know that being a parent can be busy and demanding. That’s why we will work with you to find ways that you can combine parenting and preparing for work at the same time.

You can take part in ParentsNext if you:

  • have received parenting payments for the last six months
  • have not had employment during this period
  • have a child under six years old, and
  • live in the Hume area of Victoria.

Workskil Australia provides ParentsNext in the Hume area of Victoria from three child-friendly offices. You can come to us in BroadmeadowsCraigieburn and Sunbury.

To find out more about accessing the service, call us on 1300 967 575 or email workskil@workskil.com.au

The Australian Government's website about ParentsNext is here