Supporting you to lead a fulfilling life

Workskil Community teams deliver a range of services aimed at helping people with mental illness to re-engage with the community both socially and economically.

About PHaMs (Personal Helpers and Mentors)

PHaMs is a voluntary program aimed at supporting people living in Victoria whose lives are affected by mental illness. PHaMs is delivered within a framework of strengths-based, recovery-oriented practice that recognises recovery as a personal journey driven by the PHaMs participant.

A key element is an emphasis on community support and social connection as an essential component of recovery. From 1 July 2016 the program will commence preparing participants for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) transition as well as continue to provide a PHaMs service.

How can PHaMs help me?
We work alongside you to:

  • set and achieve goals to improve your life
  • improve personal skills and confidence
  • achieve improved health & wellbeing
  • better manage tasks such as housekeeping, budgeting or getting to places using public transport
  • establish and maintain healthy connections with family and friends
  • locate and participate in social or community activities that interest you
  • access supports and services i.e. health, housing, employment and family support
  • prepare for and apply to access NDIS

PHaMs participants are asked to commit to working towards achieving their goals as agreed within their Individualised Recovery Plan.

Am I eligible?
To be eligible to participate in the PHaMs program you must:

  • be 16-64 Years age years
  • have a mental illness which has affected your ability to manage daily activities or live independently a as a result
    of the mental illness
  • be willing to engage with the program voluntarily and to work with a Recovery Facilitator to make life changes
  • Live within the Hume, Victoria region
  • be willing to work towards accessing a NDIS package

How to apply?
Referrals are accepted from:

  • The person themselves
  • A family member or carer
  • Medical/Health practitioners and community services

A mental health diagnosis is required to participate in the program. We can assist you to link with your mental health clinician (GP, Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist) to obtain supporting information.

For more information about PHaMs please call 03 8539 9800 or email