Open your door to a new talent pool through the National Work Experience Programme.

What is the National Work Experience Programme?

The National Work Experience Programme (NWEP) is a work experience program that places job seekers in unpaid work experience placements of up to 25 hours a week for a maximum of 4 weeks.

What are the benefits?

  • A NWEP candidate can give you the opportunity to trial potential employees, while also gaining access to a new
    and diverse talent pool.
  • An incentive payment of $300 for hosting a NWEP candidate may be available to your business.
  • Workskil Australia can provide support to ensure the placement runs as smoothly as possible.
  • You can decide if the candidate is the right fit for your business - try before you buy.
  • If you employ a NWEP candidate after the placement has finished, you may also be eligible for wage subsidies.

*Conditions and eligibility criteria apply to all wage subsidy agreements and licencing. Incentive payments do not apply to NWEP placements for Disability Employment Services job seekers.

What type of work can NWEP candidates do?

The type of work experience your NWEP candidate can do will depend on your business, their skills and experience. The work they carry out needs to be what your business would usually do each day and it should be structured, supervised and support their career goals.

Is your business eligible to become a host?

To host a NWEP candidate, there must be a possibility of employing your job seeker following the placement. Your business will likely have either a vacancy that needs filling before or after the placement, or you have a regular pattern of recruitment for a position that is aligned with the candidate’s interests, experience and qualifications. You cannot displace an existing worker or reduce an employee’s hours of work for the candidate.

Becoming a host.

As a host you will enter into a Work Experience Activity Agreement. This agreement will be organised by Workskil Australia and will outline the Terms and Conditions of your new placement. The agreement will include your requirements and must be signed by you, the NWEP candidate and Workskil Australia before commencing. The Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business purchases personal accident insurance and public and/or product liability insurance to cover job seekers while they undertake their placements, including travelling to
and from your business.

Interested in hosting a NWEP candidate?

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