Real experience. Real skills. Real outcomes.

Work for the Dole provides the opportunity for job seekers to volunteer and gain valuable skills and experience with community and government organisations. Participants learn and gain valuable work related skills and contribute to valuable community projects in their local area. Projects are generally six months in length.

Workskil Australia provides many opportunities for jobactive clients to participate in Work for the Dole Projects. Check with your Employment Consultant to determine eligibility.

Participants in Work for the Dole routinely report improved confidence and motivation in finding employment, enjoyment in undertaking Work for the Dole and learn new skills.

Interested in hosting a Work for the Dole Activity?

If you are a community or government entity interested in hosting a Work for the Dole project then please contact us on 1300 967 575 or email We can discuss project opportunities, budgets and responsibilities with you directly. Workskil Australia will organise relevant checks, find a qualified supervisor (if required), insurance for participants and contribute to materials for the project. We can also transport participants if the project is not near public transport.

Interested in participating in Work for the Dole?

Talk to your Workskil Australia Employment Consultant, Engagement Consultant or Employment Broker to see what projects are available in your area.

Work for the Dole Projects include everything from writing magazines, caring for animals, fixing cars to renovating heritage buildings. Workskil Australia has a wide choice on offer!

The benefits of Work for the Dole include:

  • An opportunity to gain a current work reference;
  • Getting back into the routine of working in a supported environment;
  • Meeting new people and developing potential work contacts; and
  • Learning new work related skills.