Workskil Australia is committed to protecting confidential information.

To ensure we have appropriate systems, policies and procedures in place to protect confidential information, Workskil Australia is committed to the continuous improvement and innovation of services through the implementation of an Integrated Management System (IMS). The IMS includes ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certification and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment’s Right Fit For Risk (RFFR) accreditation.

Workskil Australia maintains a commitment to protecting the following information;

  • Preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Workskil Australia information assets and associated information systems;
  • Ensure staff, contractors, external service providers and other authorised users are aware of their responsibilities in relation to information security;
  • Appropriately manage, escalate and report any information security incidents if they arise;
  • Comply with relevant legislation, regulations, policies and contractual obligations requiring data to be available, safeguarded and lawfully used; and
  • Ensure there are commercially-viable and appropriate resources and systems in place to achieve the above objectives.

All our employees have a responsibility to adhere to internal information security processes and raise any concerns that they may identify.

 To view Workskil Australia’s formal Information Security or Customer Cyber Safety Policy, please click on the links below:

Workskil Australia – Information Security Policy

Workskil Australia – Customer Cyber Safety Policy