Tributes for our Rose

Tributes for our Rose

​We're celebrating the career and achievements of Rose from our Work Ready, Release Ready (WRRR) team, who is retiring after being with us for 11 years as a Site Manager and WRRR Mentor. Rose was recently honoured by the Adelaide Women's Prison and Adelaide Pre-Release Centre, receiving a plaque to recognise her service and amazing support over the years.

Rose's career has spanned 40 amazing years, with 21 years in Employment Services, and 19 years at the YMCA prior to that. Rose has a special passion for improving employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customers and working with ex-offenders. Rose's manager, Shannen, says "Rose has always gone above and beyond for all of those around her. Our value of Service is one that Rose holds so dearly. She has touched so many of us with her bubbly personality and commitment to helping others." Alex, who is part of our Executive team and oversees the WRRR program, also pays tribute: "Rose sees the best in people; she has an unshaken belief that everyone has the ability to change, she operates with absolutely no judgement, and works to rebuild the confidence and self-belief of her customers." 

Rose has also been reflecting on her wonderful career and time at Workskil Australia and why she has enjoyed it for so long. Some of her thoughts follow below. 

Congratulations and all the best, Rose!

It's the people - the staff who do a great job and have tried to help me do my job well, by making room for me to meet privately with the participants to help them make plans to move forward with their lives. I have made some good friends over the years and had lots of laughs. I have also learnt every acronym that is possible in the prison system.  

I have taken time to reflect back on what and why I have stayed so long and still love my work in the prisons. My involvement through the development and implementation of the Work Ready, Release Ready program was one of the best experiences of my life.

It's also the participants - every time I met with a participant, I learnt all about their past, their present situation and what got them into jail. I then enjoy​​​ the time we spend working on what and where they want to go, short and long-term goals. I enjoy listening to their dreams for their future and families, and feel their frustrations at not being able to see their friends, family and children while they are incarcerated. I try to build their confidence in their own ability to change and make better life choices for themselves.

I have many stories I could tell you, of the wonderful intelligent men and women who I have worked with, who have lived difficult lives and been put in difficult situations. I believe everyone has the power to change or make different choices, and I like to help them to open new doors to step through.