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Dustin and Kiara are outside, standing in front of a tree with bare branches. They're both wearing high-vis jackets. Dustin stands behind Kiara with his arms around her shoulders, they're both smiling at the camera.

Importance of Employing Indigenous Australians

In an interview featured in The Advertiser, our CEO Nicole Dwyer shed light on the significance of employing Indigenous Australians and highlighted the need for continued efforts to bridge the employment gap.

23/08/19 News

While the commitment to hiring Indigenous Australians has improved over the years, the stark reality is that the unemployment rate among Indigenous Australians remains three times higher than that of non-Indigenous Australians. With well over 50% of the working-age Indigenous population actively seeking employment, it is evident that more must be done to create meaningful opportunities.

The Employment Landscape for Indigenous Australians

Despite positive strides towards improving Indigenous employment, there is a pressing need for further action to address the persistent disparities in employment rates. The employment journey for Indigenous Australians is often riddled with unique challenges, including historical disadvantage, limited access to education and training, and cultural barriers.

As a society, we must acknowledge that closing the employment gap is not just about economic empowerment but also about recognising and honoring the rich cultural contributions that Indigenous Australians bring to the workforce. By fostering an inclusive work environment, we can harness the diverse perspectives and talents of Indigenous employees to the benefit of all.

The Story of Dustin and Kiara: A Step Towards Empowerment

In the midst of the employment challenges faced by many Indigenous Australians, there are inspiring stories that demonstrate the transformative impact of providing opportunities. The article shares the journeys of Dustin and Kiara, two Indigenous customers who found employment in Roxby Downs, South Australia, with the support of the organisation.

Dustin, a former station hand from the Northern Territory, and Kiara, who previously worked as a Kaurna heritage monitor on construction sites in Adelaide, found new careers in the mining industry. For 19-year-old Kiara, the transition brought a different lifestyle and working environment that she has come to love. Both Dustin and Kiara now enjoy the benefits of working in a growing industry, and their newfound employment has not only transformed their careers but also their personal lives.

Creating Pathways to Empowerment

The success stories of Dustin and Kiara exemplify the transformative potential of creating pathways to employment for Indigenous Australians. By actively seeking and providing opportunities in various industries, we can empower individuals and communities to thrive economically and culturally.

As an organisation committed to making a difference, our work extends beyond recruitment. We believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment that respects Indigenous culture and values. By collaborating with Indigenous communities and providing tailored support, we aim to create sustainable employment opportunities that benefit both employers and employees.

Embracing the Journey of Empowerment

The journey towards empowering Indigenous Australians through employment is an ongoing commitment that requires collective action. While progress has been made, we must continue to strive for greater equality and inclusivity in the workforce.

Together, we can build a more equitable and prosperous future for all Australians by embracing the diversity and strength that Indigenous cultures bring to our workplaces and communities.

Read the full Advertiser story here.

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