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An illustration shows three First Nations elders seated around the words For Our Elders. They're surrounded by drawings of native Australian plants, with colourful Aboriginal art in the background.

Celebrating NAIDOC Week 2023

Each July, Australians unite to honor the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples during National NAIDOC Week.

20/06/23 Announcements

This significant week, similar to National Reconciliation Week, follows an annual theme that acknowledges the invaluable contributions of our nation's First Peoples. In 2023, the theme is 'For Our Elders,' recognising the vital contributions and enduring wisdom of our First Nations’ Elders, who play a fundamental role in the cultural and social fabric of our communities.

The 2023 NAIDOC Theme: 'For Our Elders'

The National NAIDOC Committee beautifully described the essence of this year's theme, highlighting the multifaceted roles Elders hold within their communities. Elders are the guardians of cultural knowledge, guiding us through their wisdom, advocacy, and leadership. They are the nurturers who support us during challenging times and celebrate our triumphs. With their experience and tenacity, they have paved the way for generations, shaping every aspect of our lives, from land management to human rights advocacy.

Drawing strength from their teachings, we honor the struggles of our First Nations’ Elders, recognising that the fight for equality and justice finds its roots in their perseverance. Their influence guides us in decision-making, reminding us of the importance of inclusion and representation: "Nothing about us - without us."

Paying Respects and Honoring Elders' Legacies

During NAIDOC Week the theme ‘For Our Elders’ was celebrated in many different ways by our Workskil Australia sites. Teams came together to honour Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders cultures and the wisdom of Elders whose knowledge and stories continue to guide future generations.

As a gesture of ongoing respect for the land on which our head office stands, which belongs to the Kaurna people, we have introduced culturally relevant changes. Our meeting rooms are now named after the four Kaurna seasons, embracing the richness of Indigenous culture and its deep connection to the land.

  • Warltati - Hot season (approximately January, February, March)
  • Parnati - Windy season (approximately April, May, June)
  • Kudlila - Wet season (approximately July, August, September)
  • Wirltuti - Mild warm season (approximately October, November, December)

The Kaurna wording for "Hello, how are you?" (Ninna marni) is the name of our 5th meeting room, fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for all visitors. These small changes symbolise our commitment to acknowledging and honoring the traditional custodians of the land.

Supporting Indigenous Artists and Stories

Beyond symbolic gestures, our commitment to supporting Indigenous artists and their stories remains unwavering. We proudly showcase beautiful artworks from local Indigenous artists throughout our office. Each piece carries its unique narrative, reflecting the deep relationship Indigenous peoples have with the land.

By displaying these artworks, we not only celebrate Indigenous culture but also strive to promote awareness and understanding of the rich tapestry of Indigenous experiences and perspectives. It is through the art and stories of our First Peoples that we continue to learn, grow, and build bridges of unity.

Let's work together in building a nation where every voice is heard, and every culture is cherished.

During NAIDOC Week and beyond, let us walk together, acknowledging that the strength of our future lies in the wisdom of our past.

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