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Two women and two men of different races sit in a circle in an office, next to a large, bright window. They're focussed on one of the women, in a light shirt and red hijab, who leans forward with her hands spread, telling a story to her coworkers.

The Value of Diversity and Inclusion

At Workskil Australia, we recognise the immense value of diversity and inclusion within the workplace and have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of meaningful employment.

12/04/23 News

As an organisation, we believe that individuals seek a sense of belonging and connection in their professional lives. These connections can stem from the relationships formed at work, the meaningfulness of the work itself, and the opportunity to contribute to the community, among other factors.

Meaningful employment not only offers economic security but also enhances overall well-being and fosters a stronger sense of community. Workskil Australia has witnessed firsthand the transformative impact that employment can have. A notable example is a young adult who is not only living with a disability but also struggling with depression and a pessimistic outlook on life.

Recently, this individual embarked on a work experience opportunity, and the results were remarkable. They exhibited unprecedented happiness, pride, and motivation. This newfound optimism began on the first day of work experience, presenting them with something to look forward to each day. Their renewed hope and belief in their ability to secure a job have had a profound effect. Not only has their own outlook changed, but their entire family has been inspired by the power of inclusion.

As an employer, Workskil Australia is committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce and always strives to hire the most qualified candidates. When onboarding a new employee with a disability, the organisation takes proactive measures to ensure their success. Workskil Australia assesses if any special equipment or workplace modifications are required to optimise the employee's performance. If the answer is affirmative, the organisation taps into the Employment Assistance Fund (EAF) to provide the necessary accommodations and support.

The EAF, a service offered by the Australian Government, furnishes organisations with funding to cover the expenses associated with workplace adaptations. This includes the procurement of equipment, modifications to office spaces, and access to services for individuals with disabilities. Recently, Workskil Australia utilised EAF funding to facilitate the promotion of an employee with a vision impairment to a training role. The allocated assistance allowed for the provision of adaptive technology and adjustments to the office environment, which were implemented across both offices where this employee worked.

Regrettably, a significant proportion of people with disabilities still struggle to secure meaningful employment. The unemployment rate among individuals with disabilities is almost twice as high (9.4%) compared to those without disabilities (4.9%). Many employers may possess the willingness to employ individuals with disabilities but are unsure of how to begin the process or may have concerns about the associated costs of workplace modifications and adaptive technology.

Some employers may be unaware of the available support systems or the networks they can connect with to seek assistance.

If you are interested in employing a person with a mental health condition, injury or disability, contact us today to find out more.

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