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A male migrant working in a mechanic shop, receiving keys from a customer.

Why Migrants are a Valuable Asset to Your Workplace

Employing migrant workers presents a multitude of benefits for your organisation including, new and specialised experience, a greater talent pool, innovative ideas and processes, and an inclusive and diverse workplace.

16/01/24 News

With the world now reopen, Australia’s population continues to grow, diversify and evolve. Overseas migrations accounted for 81% of population growth in Australia from March 2022 to March 2023 .This influx of people not only brings new cultures and traditions, but also sought after skill sets, qualifications and work experience.

Is hiring a migrant worker right for your workplace?

Employing migrant workers presents a multitude of value adds that you, your team, and whole organisation can benefit from.


Hiring foreign workers brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to your business. A migrant employee may have come from a large international organisation or have exposure to new industries that don’t operate locally. This can bring in an array of new insights, practises, models and innovative ideas. This knowledge is not only valuable to the business but also to its workers. Sharing and transferring skills and information is an easy and cost effective way to upskill your workforce and makes employing an international worker invaluable.

Wider pool of talent

With the rate of unemployment post COVID in Australia being at an all-time low, it can be harder to find qualified local employees. This is especially hard for specialised positions or unique skillsets. Other countries prioritise and invest more in particular skills or technologies, which whilst valuable can be tricky to access. Hiring a migrant employee however, allows you to tap in to these highly skilled expertise and experience which can help your business to better compete on an international level.

As well as helping with niche positions, hiring internationally can also help fill the skill shortage gaps in certain industries. This may be a big cost saving exercise for your business, saving money on training and upskilling of local workers and employing someone who can hit the ground running.

Diversity in the workplace

When you hire an overseas worker they bring with them a range of different life, cultural and work experience, all of which add to your workplace’s knowledge and resources. Foreign workers offer a different perspective or thought process which can really rejuvenate your team and the overall business, sparking new ideas, creating efficiencies and fostering creativity and innovation.

Not only do international workers help challenge the status quo and bring in another viewpoint, they also help to create an inclusive and diverse workplace. Having diversity in your business can greatly boost your workplace culture and performance whilst also accurately reflecting the community. An accepting and diverse workforce can also increase job satisfaction which can lead to better productivity and retention. A win-win for all!

Being seen as a business that celebrates and promotes diversity in the workplace is also great for your brand and reputation. An organisation that can provide an inclusive and accepting work environment not only benefits your current staff but also prospective staff.

Networking and industry contacts

Hiring established, well experienced migrant staff can open doors to new industry contacts, networking events, insights and opportunities. Foreign employees bring with them local knowledge, business laws, customs and practises, helping to bridge the gap and ensure your business starts any new relationship on the right foot. Some international workers may also speak other languages, which combined with their industry knowledge and insight into your business can be a valuable asset.

Workskil Australia is here to help

At Workskil Australia we pride ourselves on our diversity and inclusivity, we provide a tailored service to a range of customers and employers from different backgrounds and cultures. In the 2022/23 financial year we supported more than 8,500 culturally and linguistically diverse individuals, one of which is Ranya, who with the help of Workskil Australia, now owns her own hairdressing business.

Read Ranya's full story here.

Next steps to hire migrant workers

Workskil Australia can help you throughout your recruitment process. Whether its hiring local or migrant staff, we are here to find the right person for your organisation. With over 40 years experience, we can help your business access subsidies, incentives, screen candidates, arrange interviews and much more.

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