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A young male employee with red curly hair stands in front of a large piece of machinery to cut sheet metal in a factory. He's wearing high-vis workwear and safety goggles, and holding the controls for the machine.

Why You Should Employ a Person with Disability

Employers are increasingly recognising the significance of having a diverse workforce. However, there is still a significant underrepresentation of people with disabilities in the workforce.

09/02/23 News

A diverse workforce not only brings a wide range of skills and experiences to an organisation but also fosters a stronger, more empathetic, and values-based team that collaborates effectively.

A disability refers to any condition that limits a person's mental, sensory, or mobility functions, which can include mental health conditions. It can be caused by accidents, trauma, or genetics and may be temporary or permanent, total or partial, lifelong or acquired, and visible or invisible [1].

Unfortunately, individuals with disabilities have an unemployment rate almost twice as high (9.4%) as those without disabilities (4.9%) [2]. So why should organisations consider employing individuals with disabilities?

Let's explore a few reasons:

Gain a competitive edge for your business

Including people with disabilities in your organization provides valuable insights into the wants and needs of potential customers with disabilities. This insight can lead to new sales opportunities in an untapped market.

Enhance customer loyalty

A 2014 study revealed that nearly 50% of organizations that employed individuals with disabilities experienced increased customer satisfaction and loyalty [3]. Having a diverse workforce is now a key consideration when awarding contracts and tenders.

Improve staff retention and happiness

Living up to your mission of being an inclusive workplace boosts staff morale, teamwork, and retention. Organizations with diverse workforces enjoy a stronger brand image among their own staff, customers, and even competitors [4].

Ensure workplace safety for your new employee

Contrary to common assumptions, people with disabilities have fewer work-related injuries and accidents compared to their colleagues [4]. Consequently, your new employee will take fewer leaves of absence due to injuries, saving your organization money.

We can be your trusted partner in diverse recruitment

At Workskil Australia, we understand the importance of a diverse workforce and can assist you throughout every stage of your new employee's journey. Our services are not only free but you may also be eligible for wage subsidies.


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