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Our Publications

Browse Workskil Australia's latest and earlier publications that showcase our incredible work and commitment to those we serve. Here, you will find our Annual Reports, Strategic and Reconciliation Action Plans and Work Watch trade publications.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports provide detailed accounts of Workskil Australia's operational and financial performance for each year.

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan sets out Workskil Australia's strategic direction for the period of 2022 – 2025 and is the framework that supports the management and growth of our organisation.

View Workskil Australia's Strategic Plan 2022/25

Reconciliation Action Plan

Workskil Australia seeks a vision of reconciliation that celebrates First Nations culture, acknowledges truths of the past and commits to inclusivity and equality in all aspects.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) details our commitment to this vision and the steps taken to improve employment, health and wellbeing outcomes for First Nations people.

Workskil Australia Reconciliation Action Plan RAP Innovate March 2021-March 2023

Work Watch

The Work Watch report provides unique insights into the jobs market and the employment prospects for some of Australia's most vulnerable job seekers.

Key observations include the leading industries where job seekers are finding work and the specific challenges faced on their journey to employment.


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