Workskil Australia is committed to ensuring appropriate management of risks faced by the organisation. In accordance with the principles of good corporate governance, risk management is recognised as an integral part of good management practice.

Through delivery of our services in our industry, Workskil Australia faces a varying risk profile across a variety of categories. Workskil Australia’s Risk Management Policy is configured to appropriately manage those risks and provides the framework to mitigate these risks to an acceptable level. The framework also highlights remedial action where improvement opportunities are identified

Risk Management assessments are conducted at the outset of each new project or service delivery model and form a key decision-making tool when evaluating the manner in which we run not only each project and service, but the organisation as a whole.

Workskil Australia considers risk management requires a multi-faceted approach which is focused on achieving the following objectives:

  • Financial/Commercial – Workskil Australia is committed to ensuring the integrity of its financial statements and financial dealings, including the prevention of any fraudulent activities.
  • Strategic/Operational – Workskil Australia is committed to ensuring the achievement of its strategic and operational objectives.
  • Political/Reputational – Workskil Australia is committed to ensuring the ‘Workskil Australia’ brand and reputation are maintained to the high standard of community expectations.
  • Human/Social – Workskil Australia is committed to ensuring a safe and supportive working environment for its staff and where appropriate, the wider public.
  • Technological – Workskil Australia is committed to maintaining its systems and hardware to ensure protection and access to sensitive and confidential corporate and customer information.

All our employees also have a responsibility to follow internal processes and escalate any risks or suggested improvements they identify through the approved processes.

To view Workskil Australia’s full Risk Management Policy, please click on the link below:
Workskil Australia Risk Management Policy (PDF, 233kb)