Workskil Australia is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for everyone in everything we do.

We have robust work health and safety systems, policies and procedures in place that ensures Workskil Australia discharges its duty to its employees in:

  • Providing a safe workplace; and
  • Helping employees understand their role in maintaining a safe workplace.

Workskil Australia has employees who are regional Health and Safety Representatives and has wardens and first aid officers at each of our work sites. We also have two internal Committees dedicated to monitoring and improving all our WHS systems. In these ways, we work to ensure compliance with all our legislative and regulatory requirements.

In addition, at Workskil Australia we are concerned to ensure the safety of our customers and contractors who visit us and our customers who participate in work experience activities or who are placed into employment. We work to meet the WHS requirements of our funding partners.

Some of the steps we take to meet our high standards include:

  • Developing a good awareness of the provisions and requirements of the WHS Acts and Regulations.
  • Promoting health and safety awareness and encouraging safe working practices and attitudes amongst all employees, but particularly for line managers.
  • Providing appropriate inductions for employees and work experience participants.
  • Developing and maintaining regular workplace assessment and reporting procedures.
  • Ensuring all hazards and risks to health and safety are identified, assessed, and, where they cannot be eliminated, are effectively evaluated, monitored and controlled.
  • Investigating and reporting incidents in a prompt and competent manner.
  • Engaging in meaningful consultation with employees.
  • Supporting the rehabilitation of injured employees.

All employees also have a responsibility to act appropriately in looking after their own health and safety and that of their colleagues.

Workskil Australia’s simple goal is that all its staff and customers finish up each and every day in as healthy a way as they started it.

To view Workskil Australia’s formal Work Health and Safety Policy, please click on the link below:
Workskil Australia - Work Health and Safety Policy