All signs point to yes for Cahill

Workskil Australia - All signs point to yes for Cahill

When Cahill attended at his first appointment, he had dropped out of school with very limited work experience. 

Workskil Australia Morley helped Cahill to build a resume from scratch. As Cahill had limited work experience, we had to think outside the box to get him into employment. Ayub, Cahill’s Employment Consultant, referred Cahill to a ‘Skills and Jobs’ program which was running at the site. Cahill showed initiative by attending and participating in each session of the program - he even attended the site in interview clothing every day.

During that time, Employment Broker Sophie had found an opportunity for a Trade Assistant at Bokay Signage and Digital Print, who were looking for a hard working young person. Cahill was keen to give it a go and was successful in gaining an interview.

Cahill was nervous but excited, as he hadn’t had an interview in a while. Sophie assisted Cahill to prepare for and drive to the interview. A few days later, Sophie got the good news that Cahill was successful and had obtained full time casual employment. Cahill was over the moon and stated he is so happy and grateful for the help he received from Workskil Australia.

Cahill has since let the Morley team know that work is going really well and he enjoys it. Cahill advised that he is now off income support and has gained an Apprenticeship. He plans to start his studies in 2020, while also managing work.

Bokay Signage and Digital Print is really happy with Cahill and is continuing to work with him to upskill for long-term opportunities. Robert Meade, owner of Bokay Signage and Digital Print, says “Cahill is a great employee, hard-working and really is a gem. Thanks to Workskil Australia for finding Cahill and referring him to Bokay.”