Amy is taking positive steps towards her future

Workskil Australia - Amy is taking positive steps towards her future

Amy started with us in May 2018 and has overcome a number of barriers with our support. In appreciation, Amy has written a letter about her experience with us and says “If it wasn’t for Workskil Australia and all the encouragement, support and belief in me, I can honestly say I would not be doing what I am doing today.” Well done Amy!

Here are Amy's inspirational words:

On the 1 May, 2018 I attended my first appointment with Workskil Australia Armadale. I had no idea that I had been transferred and was unaware that my Medical Exemption had expired.

I had no self-esteem, no confidence, PTSD, CPTSD, Extreme Anxiety Disorder, social anxiety amongst other things. I was long term unemployed, as other providers had classed me unfit for work, but also didn’t qualify for the Disability Pension.

When I accidentally let my medical certificates slip and had to attend appointments, I would end up straight back at the doctor’s suffering extreme panic and anxiety attacks and depression. I had endured all sorts of hardship in my life and my experience with the system only made it worse.

When I first attended Workskil Australia Armadale, I didn’t have time before the appointment to be able to renew my medical exemption and to be honest, I was not polite.  I was guarded, defensive, rude and expecting the same treatment I had received before. 

I did experience anxiety during my first appointment at Workskil Australia Armadale, but I was respected.  The consultant was patient and asked me what my needs were. I’ll admit at that time I didn’t really care, because I was coming to the next appointment with a Medical Exemption. With my exemption in hand, I was ready to disengage with system again. However after reviewing my experience with my Psychologist, we could see that Workskil Australia Armadale really wanted to help me.

At my next appointment I was highly anxious, and the receptionist got me in quickly.  I had my Medical Exemption in hand, but I decided to ask my Consultant how they can support me, while also handing her the exemption.  The consultant listed a variety of things ‘I will do this, this, and this for you to get from A to B and we will take it slowly, so you are comfortable.” With this assurance and commitment, I took my Medical Exemption back and said “okay I will give it a go, but as soon as I feel uncomfortable I am giving this medical exemption to you.”

I spoke with the Occupational Therapist available at the site and also spoke with the psychologist. While talking with her, I revealed my lifelong dream to help people. I received nothing but support and encouragement from all the team at Workskil Australia Armadale, and they believed I would be good as a Peer Support Mentor.

Within two months, I was ready to take the next step and picked up the phone at the Workskil Armadale site and called Richmond Wellbeing’s Head Office to enquire about Volunteering. I received an email from Richmond Wellbeing inviting me in for a chat and within a week I had an invitation to meet with the Manager at Ngulla Mia. Soon after, I was volunteering, supporting the Recovery Support Workers in their role and even doing tasks myself unsupervised.  

Workskil Armadale were brilliant. They believed in me and I started to believe in myself, building my self-esteem and confidence. They encouraged and supported me, as well as talked me through my fears and anxiety. They provided transport to interviews, as well as clothes and shoes. Workskil Australia exceeded in all areas above and beyond what any other provider ever had. It was then I realised that my dream could actually turn into a reality.

I thought I was going to remain on Newstart for the rest of my life and never amount to anything. Workskil Australia saw beyond that and supported me. I started enquiring what courses I needed to do in order to become a qualified Support Mentor and when talking to my Consultant about it, she told me that Workskil Australia could pay for my training. I was blown away.

I left Ngulla Mia, where I had been volunteering two days a week for five months and had found my calling in Community Services. I am currently studying my Certificate III in Community Services part-time, with the aim to study my Cert IV next year and a Diploma the year after that. 

I am currently working as an Administration Officer with two support groups. I was also encouraged by Access Housing to nominate myself for the Independent Living Representative and Advisory Committee. I no longer suffer from social anxiety, I am more confident in myself and I have a healthy self-esteem. However when it is lacking, the team at Workskil Australia Armadale are always there to help me back up.

If it wasn’t for Workskil Australia Armadale and all the encouragement, support and belief in me, I can honestly say I would not be doing what I am doing today. I am a totally different person to the one that walked into this office a year ago. I have changed completely inside and out.

Workskil Australia Armadale go above and beyond their job description. They believe in people and honestly care about you. They help you become the best person you want to become.