Christopher accomplishes his goals

Workskil Australia - Christopher accomplishes his goals

When Christopher had his first appointment at Workskil Australia he had not worked in five years despite having an employment history in retail and horticulture. Christopher was highly motivated and expressed particular interest in the construction industry, labouring or Retail, however was happy to be referred to any suitable employment options.

Workskil Australia assisted Christopher through a Certificate II in Civil Construction where he obtained his White Card and Excavator tickets and during fortnightly job clubs to update and improve his resume and cover letter.

Working with the Workskil Indigenous team, Christopher was successful in gaining an interview and then employment with Exact Mining – Vimba Warta Civil & Mining in the mines, which was one of his original goals. Christopher says “I am very happy with services I have received from Workskil Port Adelaide and everything that Kiara and the Port Adelaide team have been able to do to assist me with gaining work.” 

Well done Christopher!