Dannielle’s future is looking bright

Workskil Australia - Dannielle’s future is looking bright

Meet Dannielle, who has had great success in her employment journey with the assistance of Workskil Australia. Dannielle has been receiving support from Workskil Australia for 18 months and recently commenced her first full time job in traffic management. 

Workskil Australia Regional Account Manager Elise arranged for local business Juurlu Baba Yamitji to meet with Internship Coordinator Cheryl, which led to a Youth Jobs PaTH Internship for Dannielle. This internship then turned into full time employment in May 2019, with Dannielle offered the position of Administration Assistant.

Dannielle is mentored and guided by Juurlu Baba Yamitji’s CEO Carol Martin, who is also a social worker. Carol is a true leader and has developed a great relationship with Dannielle. Carol says “As a caring company, we want to look after the people who work for us. When Danielle came to us, she was very quiet and lacked confidence, but that changed. After her internship, we offered her a full time position, which was a big step as it’s our only full time position. After her three months’ probation, which ended last week, Danielle is now permanently employed by Juurlu Baba Yamitji.”

The Workskil Australia team also supported Dannielle to:

  • Obtain her driver’s licence
  • Complete a Xero TAFE course
  • Complete a Basic Worksite Traffic Management & Traffic Control course.

Carol continues “Dannielle is reliable, enthusiastic, assertive and is respected by all of our 30 employees. Dannielle is the hub of our office, nothing goes on without her being a part of the action, and she also ensures all procedures are carried out. The Traffic Controllers and management rely on her for prompt decisions and clear instructions.”

Dannielle’s future is looking bright; she recently started a Certificate IV Occupational, Health & Safety (OH&S) at TAFE. This will mean Dannielle will be Juurlu Baba Yamitji’s fully certified Workplace Compliance Officer. Carol states “The extra training Dannielle received through Workskil Australia and Real Futures assisted us in making the decision to make Dannielle our first full time employee. Once she completes her OHS Training, she will take on a more important management role in the company.”

Dannielle is an integral part of the business and has gone from strength to strength. She is supported by regular site visits from Elise and receives regular contact from Employment Consultant Kirsten, who checks in on how everything is going.

Carol said “The young woman who came to work with us four months ago has become an important part of our business. We hope to engage another intern, and hopefully assist that person in permanency with a promotional structure with our company.  This has been a great collaboration between Juurlu Baba Yamitji, Workskil Australia and Real Futures.”

Congratulations Dannielle.