Dennis' journey to get working.

Workskil Australia - Dennis' journey to get working.

When 24-year-old Dennis was referred to Workskil Australia in March, he disclosed that he was homeless. He only had a few months of work experience in the previous six years and didn’t see a bright future for himself. Dennis was really struggling with motivation and enthusiasm and didn’t know which way to turn.

Workskil Australia arranged crisis accommodation and food vouchers and referred him to our Back to Work Program. He began Employability Skills Training and then moved on to our Get Working Program, where he said he had the goal to become a tyre fitter. This is where Tracey, his Employment Broker, stepped in.

Tracey had never met Dennis and didn’t have a resume, but after visiting a few companies one agreed to interview him that same day. It was a race against the clock to get Dennis organised for the interview, but he impressed the employer so much that they agreed on a work trial the following day, when he was offered the job.

Workskil Australia supplied Dennis with work clothing and, after learning that Dennis was walking to work, purchased a pushbike for him. Dennis has now been in employment for nine weeks and is planning for his future. He is currently staying with a friend and saving for a house deposit. Go Dennis! We are so proud of you.