Diversity no barrier to employment for Hume refugee

Workskil Australia - Diversity no barrier to employment for Hume refugee

For some job seekers, securing paid work is truly life changing. Somalian refugee Ayan left her war torn home arriving in Melbourne just one year ago, leaving behind aunties, uncles, cousins, a brother, and three young nieces and nephews.

When the 35-year-old learned she’d secured a job, she broke down in tears knowing it meant a new start at life in her adopted home country. Ayan was assisted by our Broadmeadows office, which provided her with free workplace training and job search coaching. This included improving her English, mentoring, and an OH&S pre-employment program. She starts her first Australian job pick-packing with Cornerstone HR next week. “This job means a better life for me,” said Ayan. “It makes me financially independent and will help me to buy a car. I’m excited to start. My cousin in Kenya wants to study so he too can have a brighter future, so I’ll be sending him and my family some money whenever possible."

“Workskil Australia never gave up on me and were always focussed on helping me to get a job. I’ll be eternally grateful for their empathy and support. They made me feel very welcome, gave me faith, and helped me realise how my skills can benefit and add value to an employer. Moving to a new country is very scary but now with my job I’m able to settle. It was very dangerous for me and my dad in Somalia but in our new home we are safe.”

Ayan is just one of the thousands of Victorian job seekers Workskil Australia has helped to enter the workforce. We have assisted over 4,500 people – many of whom are migrants and refugees – into employment across the state in the past year.

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