Emily is creating a better life

Workskil Australia - Emily is creating a better life

After completing a Certificate III in Aged Care, Emily wanted to find work in the same field. She had been working as a cleaner to work around her daughter’s school schedule, but the role was not providing regular work. Emily said in her first appointment that she wanted to create a better life for her daughter and saw a career in aged care as a way to do this.

Together with Priya (Craigieburn Site Manager) and our Indigenous team, Emily was referred to different cleaning and aged care jobs. Unfortunately for Emily she experienced various personal issues and crises, which had an impact on her job search. While searching for jobs, Emily had also started further training in aged care, but could not complete it because of what was happening. As a result, Emily decided to go back to her cleaning job but encountered the same problem where she couldn’t secure regular work.

At this point, Emily took time to self-reflect and went on a long awaited overseas trip, saying it will be good for her to get away. When she came back from her trip, Emily had a renewed focus and kept saying that she wanted get into proper employment.

She was again referred to various cleaning and aged care roles but still wasn’t successful. Priya and the Indigenous team referred Emily to a Job Ready program called Skills and Jobs Australia. This program supports participants through two weeks of accredited training and are then engaged in six weeks of targeted reverse marketing. Even though Emily was sceptical about the program, she decided to give it a go.

As part of the program, Emily went in person to Baptcare to drop off her resume. A few days later, she got an interview and was offered the job. Emily started work in October 2018 and is doing well. Emily is so proud of her new work uniform and even came into the Craigieburn office to show it off. Congratulations Emily and keep up the great work.

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