Full steam ahead for Tenzin

Workskil Australia - Full steam ahead for Tenzin

When Tenzin came to Workskil Australia she had been on unemployment benefits for 485 weeks and never held a full time job in Australia. During her first appointment her Employment Consultant, Rassarin, discovered she had owned a restaurant in Tibet.

With the help of Rassarin, Tenzin began to apply for local jobs in the hospitality industry as she enjoyed cooking and dealing with food. Tenzin completed her Work for the Dole activity at a local restaurant, Lentil as Anything, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being back in a commercial kitchen. After the activity was complete Rassarin worked with Cathrina, Work for the Dole Manager, who approached the owner of the restaurant to see if they could offer Tenzin paid employment. Tenzin had obviously made an impact during her Work for the Dole activity and was successful in getting an offer of employment.

Tenzin commenced work in December as a Sous Chef making her amazing momos and samosas. Well done Tenzin!

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