Gary continues to break down employment barriers

Workskil Australia - Gary continues to break down employment barriers

Gary was accepted into the Work Ready, Release Ready (WRRR) program in January 2019, while incarcerated at Port Augusta Prison.

When Gary commenced, his WRRR Mentor noticed some significant vocational and non-vocational barriers he could be facing upon release. This included criminal convictions, not having a valid driver’s licence, having various medical and mental health conditions along with previous drug addictions. Gary told his mentor that as a result, he had not had employment in over 10 years and lacked qualifications.

Once released from prison, Gary attended appointments with WRRR on a voluntarily basis. WRRR assisted Gary attend Centrelink appointments and ensured he was in the correct level of servicing. When he was linked with a jobactive provider, WRRR continued to support him to understand and complete what was required from Centrelink. With WRRR support, Gary created a resume, which outlined his experience inside and outside of prison.

To ensure he was job ready, WRRR secured funding for Gary to complete white card and asbestos training to help him find work in demolition, his preferred industry. WRRR then assisted Gary with contacting potential employers and recruitment agencies that specialised in demolition. After a few knockbacks, WRRR and Gary managed to find an employer who was willing to give him a shot. Gary was ecstatic with the opportunity provided to him.

The employer has confirmed that Gary is one of the best workers that he has employed, due to his commitment and work ethic. He commenced employment in August and is currently working 40+ hour weeks. Gary is now working towards obtaining his driver’s licence with a long-term goal to purchase his own house.

Gary consistently shows his appreciation towards the WRRR team and the support that has assisted him to get the employment opportunity he never thought he would get.