Greg's career is off the meter

Workskil Australia - Greg's career is off the meter

Greg returned to us after having some time off with health issues. When he first came to our Clarkson site, he mentioned he had limited work history, and hadn’t worked for six years. Together, Workskil Australia and Greg discussed some goals, where he mentioned that he had a car that wasn’t running and he would like to be able to get that fixed. With that goal in mind, we assisted him with a mobile phone, updated his resume and started to look at the kinds of work he would like to do to help fund his car repairs.

Greg attended the site’s Indigenous session, where a meter company had been invited to present. Greg made sure he handed his resume to the employer before he left and the next day, got the call for an interview for a Meter Reader position. Workskil Australia set him up with interview clothes and assisted with his preparation. Greg was successful in his first interview and went through to the next stage, which he also passed.

As part of his new role, Greg needed some equipment. Workskil Australia assisted Greg to purchase walking shoes, necessary for the job and says “I’m really looking forward to getting fit, with the 20 kilometres of walking I’ll do every day.” Greg has since commenced employment and is really enjoying learning how to use the meter reader. He is now using his own experiences to mentor and inspire one of his cousins, also one of Workskil Australia’s job seekers, who has been long term unemployed.