Jared’s gearing up to get his licence

Workskil Australia - Jared’s gearing up to get his licence

Obtaining your driver’s licence can be lengthy and expensive. Our young job seekers are usually low-income earners with limited access to a vehicle or supervised driver support. Workskil Australia identified that these were significant barriers which ultimately impacted young people’s ability to secure employment.

Geared 4 Work was created to alleviate this financial pressure and assist young people, under 25, to achieve supervised log book hours in order to get their licence. Supported by the Brotherhood of St. Laurence and the Paul Ramsay Foundation, Geared 4 Work is a free program that currently operates in Northern Adelaide. Since its launch in September 2021, Geared 4 Work has already supported over 70 job seekers with their log book hours, all at different stages of their learning-to-drive journey.

One of our job seeker’s who is keen to get his licence is Jared (pictured). Having recently landed a role in hospitality and about to embark on university studies, Jared is hoping that his licence will assist him to be flexible and dependable with his working hours and study commitments. At 20 years old, Jared has limited access to a vehicle and is not in a financial position to be able to self-fund professional driving lessons in order to complete his required hours. Jared says , “Geared 4 Work helped me save money, I now don't have to pay for as many driving lessons”. He also states that, “having my licence will help greatly if I am needed to cover an emergency shift, I can come right away, or something simple as being the last to close shop, I have a way to get home more safely”. With over 15 appointment already completed through the Geared 4 Work program, Jared is well on his way to achieving his goal of getting his licence and becoming more independent.

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