Nasiah's Story

Workskil Australia - Nasiah's Story

We are proud to have helped Nasiah, a participant of Workskil’s Transition to Work (TtW) program find a job he is thriving in and loves. The interview at Australian Native Food Co was Nasiah’s first ever job interview and he aced it to land the job. 

His biggest tip for other young people heading to a job interview is to “just be yourself and don’t overthink anything”. He encourages other young job-seekers to try and remain calm in the interview and to ensure that you are neat and tidy.

Gaining employment can be a tough and long path. With Workskil’s experience and support through the TtW program we helped guide Nasiah towards employment in the retail sector. We helped by purchasing Nasiah work clothing, assisting with transport and proof of identification. We also conducted mock interview training to ensure that he was ready and calm for the interview. Nasiah suggests “be confident, but also don’t feel afraid that you may answer questions incorrectly". Workskil continues to provide ongoing support following his employment. 

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