New opportunities for Suresh

Workskil Australia - New opportunities for Suresh

Suresh moved to Australia from India nearly 20 years ago. Together with her husband, Suresh started and ran a restaurant in Northcote, Victoria. Unfortunately for Suresh and her husband they lost the business and were left unemployed.

Suresh can understand English, but is not fluent. To accommodate her language barriers, her Employment Consultant Priya conducted appointments with her in Hindi. In order to address these barriers, Priya suggested they begin speaking in English, as this was the only way she is going to get comfortable with the language. 

Suresh had never worked for anybody. In her first few appointments, Suresh discussed her issues and how she felt that she could never work, but Priya kept reassuring her that there is job for her and she could do it.

Wendy, the Regional Account Manager, and Priya, were determined to support Suresh because she had a great attitude, but lacked confidence. Suresh was referred for every vacancy that suited her skills and experience.  Although she was not successful, each referral and interview helped build her confidence.

Suresh was participating in a computer literacy course run at the Craigieburn site. This group activity helps people build their computer skills and participate in discussions in a group setting. These classes contributed to Suresh gaining skills to check emails, type a basic resume, participate in online inductions and complete modules, which are a big component of applying for jobs.

In May 2018, Suresh was referred to Adecco for a job in Qantas (Q catering) as a kitchen hand. Her previous experiences in a Work for the Dole activity, participation in the computer literacy course, the Get Working program and regularly keeping in touch, greatly assisted Suresh and she was successful in gaining the job.

Wendy and Priya were thrilled. Together they supported Suresh through her first few weeks of her employment. As this was Suresh’s first employment experience, she had anxiety, however with further support from her employer, she thrived.

Suresh also had some good news on the home front. One of her sons, Yogesh (also registered with Workskil Australia Craigieburn) was successful in gaining employment at Telstra.  She felt the support she received from the Craigieburn team was incredible and her son had the same.

Wendy and Priya have received great feedback from the employer that Suresh is doing very well and has even been promoted to be a supervisor. Suresh called Priya and said she never imagined she would be able to work in Australia and added that her life has changed and she feels like a new person.

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