Norman's career change

Workskil Australia - Norman's career change

When 62 year old Norman came to Workskil Australia, he wasn’t sure what the future would hold for him. After spending his life working as an Analyst and Developer, he was finding it difficult to find employment in his field of expertise. 

Norman continued to apply for jobs and go to interviews, but was always left feeling disheartened when he wasn’t successful. This had an impact on him, and when he attended Workskil Australia his attitude was quite down and he felt his age was a major barrier. However together with his Employment Broker Tracey, they came up with a plan to target outside Norman’s field and look at his transferable skills.

Tracey spoke with a prospective employer who was looking for a store person with at least five years’ experience. Norman had no relevant experience, but Tracey persuaded the employer to give him a chance and see what value he could be to the business. Norman was over qualified, but after the employer met with him, they agreed to give him a go. Norman has now been in employment for 17 weeks and is thriving. He comes to appointments with his head held high, and is loving his new role.