Philippe and the power of persistence

Workskil Australia - Philippe and the power of persistence

When Philippe attended his initial appointment at Workskil Australia, he was quite unsure about looking for work and lacked belief in his ability to succeed. He did not meet his mutual obligations on numerous occasions, which affected his payments quite regularly.

Phillippe was successful in gaining an interview, but to be successful he needed to purchase a chef’s jacket, pants and a scarf for a trial interview. Workskil Australia supported Philippe to purchase these items so he was ready for the interview. 

Philippe progressed to the second stage of interviews and Workskil Australia provided him with more equipment required for the role, as well as a police clearance. Unfortunately, he did not get the job.

Phillippe had an interview a week later, but unfortunately again did not get the job. For the next four weeks, things continued to slide for Philippe, impacting on his mental health. With the support of Back2Work and Workskil Australia, he understood that, on his current path, he would find it challenging to find work.

A few days later, Phillippe attended a work trial, with Workskil Australia providing a fuel card for him to attend. The work trial was a success and recently Philippe came into the Workskil Australia Mirrabooka site to let the team know that he has been promoted to Sous Chef! Because of this role, Phillippe has now moved out of his Homes West apartment and is renting privately.

Philippe loves his job and his colleagues and is currently training an apprentice. He is very grateful for the support he received and knows his life has changed for the better. Philippe is testament to the power of never giving up. Well done Philippe!