Sweet Success for Chris

Workskil Australia - Sweet Success for Chris

Surrounded by chocolate – it’s hard to imagine a more desirable workplace. For Christopher, his position as a confectionery worker at Haigh’s is more than a job, it’s a life changing event. The path to employment hasn’t been easy for Chris who has a musculo-skeletal disorder and struggled to find work over the years.

However with our assistance he is now working for one of the South Australia’s most loved brands. “We’re passionate about assisting job seekers with disability to find fulfilling employment,” Workskil Australia Chief Executive Officer Nicole Dwyer said. “The highest proportion of successful employment placements have come from within the retail, healthcare and manufacturing sectors.”

“We have built some very strong relationships with a number of employers, particularly within these sectors. We are keen to engage with more employers right across industry to match them with job seekers who can provide real value. Workskil Australia urges all employers to consider opening a career door to change the life of someone with disability.”

Ms Dwyer said progressive employers, such as Haigh’s, understood the wide-ranging benefits of a diverse workplace. “People with disability are a valuable asset for any organisation. They are some of the most dedicated, skilled and hardworking employees in the workforce,” she said.

“A fulfilling job not only benefits the individual, but their workplace and the broader community. As well as giving the job seeker a go, diversity brings new skills and experience to an organisation and fosters a stronger, empathetic and values-based team culture.”

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