Talia's* Story

Workskil Australia - Talia's* Story

Talia* started in the Work Ready, Release Ready (WRRR) program from the Adelaide Pre-Release Centre. Talia had been in and out of prison since she was 12 years old, and estimates that she has been incarcerated approximately 50 times as a juvenile and 10-12 times as an adult. Talia had never worked or had a driver’s license before, and also had mental illness.

Talia began planning her goals with her WRRR mentor and decided she would like to work in traffic management and get a driver’s licence. Once Talia was released, her WRRR mentor assisted her with getting clothing and having her assessments completed at Services Australia so that she could access support to find a job. Talia was honest with her mentor and advised she was suffering from withdrawals from substance use, and her mentor assisted her with getting a referral to Drug and Alcohol Services Australia. Talia had some setbacks, including some issues with her relationships to begin with, however Talia was focused on her goals and worked hard to overcome these setbacks. Talia found more suitable housing where she could live on her own, and began training to get her White Card and Work Zone Traffic Management through Workskil Australia. She also obtained her Learner’s Permit. Talia attended Job Club weekly, where the WRRR Employment Broker assisted her in looking for work. WRRR and Workforce Australia Services assisted Talia with bus tickets to get to her interviews, interview clothing and personal protective equipment.

Even though it took some time, Talia eventually got her P’s and her own vehicle, which helped her become independent. After she got her driver’s licence, Talia found a role as a Traffic Controller with a traffic management company. Talia was so proud that she was able to achieve the two main goals she set out for herself – and so are we! Well done, Talia.

*Name changed for privacy