There's No Stopping Cliff

Workskil Australia - There's No Stopping Cliff

Cliff, one of our job seekers discusses his inspiring story and the career journey he has gone through with the continued support of Workskil Australia.

"About two years ago, I was in a dark place, probably at the lowest point in my life. Career-wise I felt like I had lost everything I worked so hard to achieve. Working was not possible at that time.

Workskil worked with me to discuss my strengths and career path, and then advised accordingly what they could do to help me get back into the workforce and achieve my goals.

I told them I needed to renew my tickets and licenses, which they agreed to provide funding for, and they also paid for new PPE, safety gear and uniforms as I had a job lined up but financially wasn’t in a position to help myself secure it. With this assistance, I was able to ring the employer and tell them that I was ready to start.

Now I work for multiple companies and never go a week without work. I still keep in contact with Workskil on a weekly basis as they always want to check up on my career progress, see if I need any assistance and just generally offer what they can to make my life and career a lot easier. I feel like this will be my biggest year yet career-wise, and I have Workskil to thank for that".