Wheels are moving for Miranda’s Career

Workskil Australia - Wheels are moving for Miranda’s Career

When Workskil Australia Indigenous customer, Miranda, first started her employment journey she was excited to work, especially in a trade, however she was unsure which pathway to take and how to get there. At just 19 at that time, and with limited relevant experience, she needed extra support to upskill and guide her to start her new career. Miranda’s Workskil Australia support team, placed her in the PEER Pre-Apprenticeship Program to help her not only gain new skills, but also knowledge on the many employment pathway options she could take.

After completing the course, Miranda was eager to start an apprenticeship and get some on the job experience. Her Workskil Australia team helped to update her resume and started to contact employers to match her with suitable opportunities. Workskil Australia was able to secure Miranda an interview with the Motor Trade Association (MTA), and helped to prepare and guide her through this process. Miranda and her Workskil Australia team were thrilled when she landed a position as a Heavy Plant Diesel Mechanic Apprentice at Adelaide Crane Maintenance, an MTA host provider.

MTA supported Miranda throughout her apprenticeship, providing in person mentoring through a dedicated Field Officer, as well as training, personal protective equipment and a tool kit on commencement. More than 6 months on, and Hayden, the director of Adelaide Crane Maintenance explains that, “Miranda has come a long way since she started. Initially Miranda was exceptionally shy but now she is excelling and able to complete jobs and tasks by herself”. Miranda has really enjoyed her role and states that, “I love the physical activity and learning more about how things work – but most of all, I really like seeing myself improve on a daily basis”.

Miranda is now looking forward to her next employment adventure, having accepted a similar role in the mines. She is so grateful for all of the support she has received along the way as it has helped shape her and give her confidence and drive to get to where she is today. Well done Miranda and good luck in the new role.