Work Ready, Release Ready program helping Matt* find employment

Workskil Australia - Work Ready, Release Ready program helping Matt* find employment

Matt*, a young Indigenous man, started the Work Ready, Release Ready (WRRR) program in May 2018 while at the Port Augusta Prison. When Matt started the program he lacked motivation and direction, not seeing much benefit from being involved in the program. In December 2018, Matt was arrested and re-incarcerated after a minor parole breach.

When he was released in January 2019, Matt realised that he needed support to transition back into the community and contacted the WRRR team to set up an initial appointment.
While attending weekly appointments, it was evident that Matt had some barriers which were affecting his ability to participate in the program. Matt mentioned that he was still grieving the loss of his mother and grandmother, who had passed away while he was incarcerated.

Matt also has issues trusting people, after being let down in the past. WRRR referred Matt to Workskil Australia’s Allied Health Services for additional support to assist with dealing with his emotions and to provide career counselling.

WRRR worked closely with Matt, discussing his employment goals. Matt identified that he would like to work in a hands on role, preferably outside. WRRR assisted Matt to obtain a replacement white card and complete his Work Zone Transport Management (WZTM) training. Outside of these work requirements, WRRR are also assisting Matt to get his Learner’s Permit.

With Matt having no employment history or qualifications, he was convinced that he would not be able to find a job. However, with his active participation in the WRRR program, as well as completing relevant courses, Matt became work ready. As a result of this hard work, Matt is now employed as a labourer on a large construction site within Adelaide and is working full time. Congratulations Matt.

*Name changed for privacy