Youth Governor of the South Australia

Workskil Australia - Youth Governor of the South Australia

Earlier this year, Workskil Australia Transition to Work (TtW) customer, Shania, secured her dream job when she was elected as the Youth Governor of the South Australian Youth Parliament. Shania, is a Ndgaju, Gubrun, Bulang, Mirning, Barngarla woman and is the first regional female First Nations representative elected as Youth Governor in South Australia.

Shania’s journey began with Workskil shortly after she changed jobs. Shania’s Workskil Australia Youth Coach encouraged her to follow a career that she would be truly passionate about. The TtW team provided Shania with personalised support, which involved matching Shania's strengths, skills and ambitions to a career path that she would both enjoy and be successful in. In Shania's words, “it means so much more when a job is meaningful, as it becomes a career”.

Workskil Australia supported Shania as she attended training sessions which allowed her to gain essential parliamentary and leadership skills. Shania now confidently displays these skills when researching and developing bills to be debated in chambers, in her role as Youth Governor. In addition to this, Shania is also a part of the Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation and has gained self-employment to monitor the Barngarla land.

Shania highly recommends the TtW program saying "it's really good at helping you discover what you really want to do by guiding and supporting you to choose the career you’re passionate about."

We are so happy we were able to assist Shania along her employment journey, and we can’t wait to see what her future has in store! Congratulations Shania on your incredible achievements.

To find out more about Shania's story watch the video below