Easy Tips to Improve Your Resume

Workskil Australia - Easy Tips to Improve Your Resume

Recruiters and managers are getting more job applications now than ever before, so it’s important to make yours stand out from rest and attract more interview offers. Follow these nine easy resume tips and let your application shine:

List five key strengths in your resume 

Be specific and back them up with examples.

Are the contact details correct on your resume?

It's amazing how many are not.

Is your email address appropriate? 

Make sure it's not defamatory or offensive.

Does your voicemail sound professional? 

Just in case you miss the call for an interview.

Stick to your skills that are transferable.

Not just attributes, some skills can be used in any workplace.

Explain a gap – don't leave it a mystery. 

If the person has been a carer, include that, don't leave it to the imagination of the employer.

Include qualifications. 

Your customer has worked hard to achieve them.

Don't go back too far with jobs. 

Previous five will do, don't go back to 1978.

Are references written on the resume? 

Typically an employer will never call a referee before an interview or gaining permission to do so. It's best to have them listed - don't let an employer assume you don’t have any by having 'available on request'.

Referees – Who are they? 

Ideally one of your referees should be a recent manager who has an in-depth knowledge of your skills and work ethic.

Make sure all your referee details are there.

Referees must include the name, contact number and position.

Check all resumes for spelling, grammar and typos.

Proof check your resume or get someone else to read it.

Is the most recent employment history on page one?

Hit the employer between the eyes with the information they are looking for.

Have you checked that the resume has the experience requested in the vacancy? 

If the role requires forklift experience but it's not listed on the resume, an employer may assume they don't have the experience.

We can help!

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