Five tips to fine tune your resume

Workskil Australia - Five tips to fine tune your resume

Get a head start on the competition and make sure your resume is firing on all cylinders. A resume is the most important part of your application and can make or 'brake' your chances at getting an interview. Here are five tips to fine tune your resume:

Did you know PDF Resumes can be converted to Word?

So no matter the format, you can alter it.

Is your mobile number correct on your resume?

It’s amazing how many are not. Sometimes it can be an old number or there might be a typo.

Resume Layout - Keep It Simple.

Is it easy to read? Is it one consistent font style? Make sure you don’t use photos, avoid colour, keep key details in bold, avoid spacing and tabbing and don’t use tables.

List your work history from most recent.

Include the job title, employer, dates worked to and from and overview of the position description.

Does the resume show the required non-negotiable requirements listed in the vacancy?

Make sure you’re showing what’s required.

We can help!

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