Getting job ready - our Youth Services

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Getting job ready - our Youth Services

Looking for work or even work experience can sometimes feel like a daunting task. At Workskil Australia we understand the challenges of attempting to enter the workforce and feeling unprepared. This is why we offer a range of training and support to become job ready.

One of the key aspects to finding a job is confidence. Preparation will help you to become calm and confident in what skills you can offer in the workplace.

Here we’ll explore just a few of our services and recommendations to help support you in your journey into the workforce.

Youth Advisory sessions

One of the best places to start is with Youth Advisory Sessions. They are designed for young people aged 15-24, who are in either the online or digital employment services to maintain work readiness, motivation, or find employment.

Through Youth Advisory Sessions you’ll gain career advice, education, and training, find local job opportunities as well as an array of other support options. If you are eligible you’ll find Youth Advisory Sessions in the dropdown of your jobseeker activities tab.

Transition to Work

One of the main challenges we find young jobseekers mentioning is the need for experience in the field. This can be something that is tricky to acquire when beginning your career. Transition to work focuses on providing young people with practical support and work experience to build skills, confidence, and readiness for employment. 

Transition to Work providers will help you to develop practical skills as well as gain education or training relevant to your job search. If you need recent experience your provider can help you find and finish a work experience placement. 

The experience also has the ability to connect you with local job opportunities and relevant local community services.

Register your interest in TtW with us and we can connect you with a suitable provider. You can watch the TtW Explainer Video and download the Information Kit (674kb, PDF)

PaTH internships

Internships are another excellent way to show employers that not only do you have relevant experience in the field but can apply yourself to complete a program. Youth Jobs PaTH Internships provide young people aged 17-24 with opportunities to learn new skills and gain work experience they need to find and keep a job.

To apply for a PaTH Internship you must have been receiving an income support payment from Centrelink, such as Youth Allowance or Newstart, for more than six months. We can help connect you with relevant providers or suggest opportunities through our network.

Professional Job Search Resource

Even if you’re at the start of your job seeking journey, it’s important to know what’s out there and what kind of roles you might be interested in. 

When researching, what common requirements or experience are you noticing? Once you’re aware of the experience and training you may need, you can use this information to guide your next steps or discuss with your Workskil Australia consultant.

Check out our Professional Job Search Resource to begin your job search.

When you’re ready

When you’re ready to start applying for roles we can support you through that part of the journey as well. 

Explore our tools and resources for resume writing tips, advice on how to secure interviews, what to ask when you get an interview and questions you should be asking of potential employers too.

Why use Workskil Australia?

Whether you're interested in construction, care work, or a creative career, we have years of experience supporting young people to kick off their careers. We understand the nuances of all kinds of industries and have valuable connections to help put you in front of the right people, gaining the right experience.