Great questions to ask at your next interview

Workskil Australia - Great questions to ask at your next interview

You have spent all your time prepping for the interviewer’s questions but what about preparing a few questions of your own? Check out these five ideas.

What would an average day in this position look like?

Try and get an idea of what the major tasks you will be undertaking each day. Run through the list of key responsibilities and ask what tasks would be taking up the majority of your time.

What are the biggest challenges facing the company at the moment?

Having an idea of what you are walking into and what the company’s short and long term goals are, will help you to see whether they align with your own.

How would you measure the success of the person in the position?

Showing an interest in how ­the success of the position will be monitored shows you’re thinking not just about getting the job but how to be great at it.

Can you describe the workplace culture?

We spend just as much, if not more time, with work colleagues than our nearest and dearest, so it is important to get an idea on what the company’s values are. 

What are the next steps in the process?

Try and save yourself a bit of the worry and have a solid idea on what the next steps are, instead of having to constantly check your phone.

Sometimes it is difficult to remember in this job climate that interviewing is a two way street. Remember to ask the questions that you want to know!

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