How a Youth Jobs PaTH Internship could help you find a job

Two young females working on youth path application

What is a Youth Jobs PaTH Internship?

Youth Jobs PaTH is an Australian Government service that helps young people (aged 17-24) gain the skills and work experience they need to get and keep a job.  

It also supports businesses to trial young people in their workplace with a view to find staff. Youth Jobs PaTH has 3 elements – Prepare, and Trial, Hire (PaTH). At Workskil Australia, our focus is on all 3 parts, supporting our job seekers every step of the way. We do this by assisting young people to secure an internship in an industry of their choice. 

What will I do in my Youth Jobs PaTH Internship?

This all depends on the industry of the youth internship you choose! From childcare to car mechanics, hospitality to trades, there’s an opportunity for you to trial a career you’ve always dreamed of and understand what the industry truly looks like from the inside. It also provides you an opportunity to show a business your motivation and the contribution you could make if they employ you. You will also be supported with any necessary industry-specific training and induction, e.g. a completing a White Card or RSA prior to your internship.

How long does the internship take?

This varies from employer to employer and whilst Workskil Australia will actively work to help you find a suitable youth internship, you must be willing to commit your time to the program.

For a potential employer to be eligible to host you, they must be able to provide a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks internship. Fortnightly, this can consist of a minimum of 30 hours and a maximum of 50 hours and shifts cannot be longer than eight hours per day. However, the internship can conclude early if the employer chooses to fast track the participant straight into employment. 

Why should I apply?

If you’re a young person feeling completely overwhelmed at where to begin your career journey, a Youth PaTH Internship is a great place to start. You’ll gain great experience within an industry that you choose to help you see if it’s right for your future.

You’ll be able to show potential employers the skills you already have and build upon those you’ll need, if you choose to continue in the industry you’ve chosen. You will also receive an incentive payment of $200 per fortnight on top of your regular income support payment during your Youth Internship. 

Many of our participants say that the internships they’ve completed have helped them gain a lot of confidence and experience that may otherwise not have been available to them. All host employers are chosen because they have further career opportunities that are possible within their organisation, so an internship could be a perfect pathway to future employment.

​​How do I apply?

To participate you must be aged 17 to 24 and linked with an Employment Service Provider.

You can either search for a youth internship using your jobactive myGov account or contact us to find opportunities. We will then connect you with businesses in your area and if you need certain skills or training, we can help link you with registered training organisations.