How to find a career you love

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How to find a career you love

It’s a big question to ask yourself, ‘what do I want to do with my life?’ It’s a question most adults struggle with too, let alone those who are only just starting out. So how do you begin to find a career that you love?

At Workskil Australia, that’s one of our main goals. Not only to get you into the right job, but to help you on a pathway to a long career that you find fulfilling.

Where do I begin?

When starting to transition to work from perhaps studying or casual employment, it’s important to take a look at your interests and skills. Where have you done well in the past? Did you enjoy it? What do you know for certain that you don’t want to do each day?

These are all valuable questions to begin asking yourself when working out a career path. Whilst we know it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the future, try to look to the present for the clues to what will excite you later.

The Youth Coaches on our Transition to Work team can also help you navigate these initial steps, establishing where your strengths and passions lie, even if you have no clue what industry you’d like to be in.

Job vs career

A job is step one to a career you love. You definitely don’t have to have an exact plan of how the future will unfold (things rarely go exactly to plan anyway), but a rough idea of where you’d like to end up can help you find the right employment opportunities to assist you on the way.

At Workskil Australia we like to help out with both. We’ll help you look at the bigger picture and perhaps work out a rough plan of how that might look, as well as helping you find a job and training in the present that will be part of your journey.

How do I get into my chosen career?

Well, that depends a lot on the direction you’d like to go in. If you already know what career path you’d like to be on, that’s great. But you still may need a hand getting there.

Our Transition to Work team can assist you with the right training, qualifications and other skillsets for success as well as give you access to our large national network of employers looking for people just like you.

Our Youth Coaches will help you understand the recruitment process to set you up for success.

How Workskil Australia have helped others find a career they love

We stay in frequent contact with our past participants and their employers to ensure that our mission to help people into careers they love, is effective. After signing up with the Transition to Work youth team, 19 year old Josh worked with Youth Coaches, Roxy and Vicky, to help him find and excel in the right career for him.

Whilst he was open to all opportunities, they determined his skills and interests and decided that hands-on, physical roles where he could learn on the job were the most suitable opportunities. His coaches were able to find a full-time belt splicer traineeship at South East Conveyors. Given Josh’s positive attitude, willingness to work and interests this would be a great fit for both.

“By talking to Vicky and the Transition to Work team, they helped me with getting the training I needed for the job, this included Confined Space and Working at Heights training. This made my transition to South East Conveyors comfortable and easy,” said Josh.

Understanding the youth recruitment process

Whilst each company is different, there are many things you could already assume you need when looking for your first job. The most important thing to remember though? Be enthusiastic to learn.

Many employers know when they work in the youth employment space and with those transitioning to work that you may not have the extensive experience of others, but there are many on the job skills that can be taught. The willingness to learn, however, isn’t something they’ll be able to teach you. You’ll need to show them that this is something you’ll bring to their company.

Why it’s important to understand your employers

Though you may not intend to be in a particular job forever, your employers are the people who will assist you on your career path. They’ll provide training and experience to you that you simply can’t get from books and paper.

It’s important to understand what they need from you to be able to make you successful in your role.

For example, Josh’s employer Jono at South East Conveyors said “When Josh started with us he was very green to the working industry but has dedicated himself to learn and apply himself on the jobs he has been on. His progression has been great to watch. He knows and remembers how to mark out a splice and his knife skills are good for someone that has only been doing it for approximately three months. His buffing of skives on a splice is even better than some of my more veteran guys.”

“His punctuality for work has been fantastic, he has never been late. My guys have had great things to say about working with Josh, his work ethic, and, how he works onsite. and they are really impressed with how far he has come. He has even suggested some ways of doing some jobs to our guys that even they hadn’t thought of, which made the job easier.” 

Get in contact

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the career options out there, why not speak to our Transition to Work team? They’ll help you work through the hurdles you may be facing and support you on your pathway to employment. To find out more about Transition to Work, including eligibility criteria, click here.